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The Missionary Society is very important to the health of the Christian Church. We meet for prayer and bible study. A church with a strong missionary is a church that pleases Christ. Men, Women and Youth are missionaries and may be a member of this ministry. The Missionary Society meets every Fourth Sunday at 4:00 PM.

Our Christian Education Ministry aims to teach the Word of God. It is important for Christians to "study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" 2Timothy 2:15). A major emphasis of this education is our Sunday School Program. Classes are available for all ages. Sunday school convenes each Sunday morning at 9:30 AM.


Another area of teaching is administered through our Wednesday Night Bible Study Program . Each Wednesday night at 7:00 PM  we gather for Bible study and discipleship training.



Pleasant Shade Baptist Church realizes that reaching young people for Christ is a youth ministry, centered on Christ, His church and Bible study. The ministry is coordinated by the Youth Advisory Council that plan and coordinate activities designed to promote the spiritual, social and recreational development of youth. Other facets of this ministry include the Sunbeams, Red Circle , Crusaders and the Praise Team.


The ministry of music presents an opportunity for each person to worship God by using his or her gifts in an active participatory way. Music is not an end in itself, but a medium to teach, preach and share the Word of God. A multi-choir program is the centerpiece of the church's ministry. A broad spectrum of music including hymns, anthems, spirituals, gospel and contemporary is preformed by our five choirs. The following is a list of the choirs: The 747 Inspirational Choir, Sunshine Choir, Youth Choir, Mass Choir, and the Male Chorus.



Service with diligence and love is the dedicated missions of our usher Ministry. Generally, ushers have the greatest effect on how people perceive the church, because they are most in contact with all persons entering the sanctuary, and must provide a warm and inviting atmosphere.


As part of our outreach ministry, transportation is provided to persons who need assistance getting to and from church.




The Pastor's Aid Society  is designed to assist the pastor and his family both spiritually and financially whenever necessary. The Society remembers the pastor and his family with gifts on birthdays and special occasions as another way of saying thanks and showing appreciation for their labors in ministry on behalf of our church.


The Sick and Shut-In Ministry is designed to help the church meet special needs of members and family. We also reach out to non-members as well


The purpose is to unite the young married women of the Baptist Churches of the nation in a progressive enterprise, and to encourage a regular participation in the Missionary Program of the Baptist, District, State, National International or World-wide Missions. To train young women in systematic Bible study, daily prayer, Mission study and definite personal service. The Matrons are young women working harmoniously with experienced adults in expanding a vast Missionary Program for the purpose of Mission and Education.



The CD ministry serves as a witnessing tool. It provides you with copies of each Sunday service. Those who are sick and shut-in are provided these CD's of the church service. This ministry is an extension or our "Church without Walls". CD's are available for a $5.00 donation by writing to: Pleasant Shade Missionary Baptist Church, PO Box 311047 , Enterprise , AL 36331-1047 .



Our purpose is to greet each person entering into the sanctuary with a smile, a hand shake and a hug. We want everyone to feel welcome and ready to hear the Word!




Our aim is to promote unity, intelligence, peace and happiness as the spiritual head of our homes and as mentors, educate the young men and women of the church and cultivate their spiritual understanding. The ministry gives a carefully planned program for reaching the poor, the indifferent and the neglected of our neighborhood


This organization is made up of volunteer members of the church. Duties of the Guild include providing basic aid at regular church service, funerals, revivals, and other programs as needed. We do not dispense medication in any capacity. Emergency situations are handled through the emergency medial system to become a member you must complete CPR training and first aid classes.



Deacons and Trustees wives provide an array of services in support of Deacons/Trustees ministry. These are women proclaiming the gospel through ministries of mercy and servant leadership. Deacons and Trustees wives assist with in-home and hospital visit; Deacons wives assist with the Lords Supper and Baptism; provide spiritual counseling to females of the church.



This foundation was founded on March 4 th 2007 after the tragic loss of nine lives during the tornado that hit the city of Enterprise , Alabama on March 1, 2007 . The monetary blessing has been such that we felt we must pass it on in Peter James's memory. Most of all, to give God the Glory through Peter James; while at the same time helping other students pursue their dream.


The application for the scholarship is given out in April of each year to Pleasant Shade Missionary Baptist Church , Enterprise High School and Daleville High School . The application must be return by 31 July.


Peter was about life and helping others no matter the circumstances. He gave thought to everything he did. His philosophy was to keep God first and the rest will follow.


Peter's website is:


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